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What should parents do if the children keep crying

a crying cartoon baby

There is no wonder that every parent gets annoyed when they heard their baby crying for no reason. A crying infant triggers our distress, increasing our heart rate and pushing us into action… even if that child is not our own.

If you are helpless when the child is crying, here are some tips which may help you!!

1. Recognize that their crying is irrational

a crying baby

“Crying is a normal, healthy behavior that has both a biological and social basis,” said Cheryl Rode, vice president of clinical operations at the San Diego Center for Children and a licensed clinical child psychologist. “It can be a release for stress or emotional energy, and it can serve as a communication tool to share emotions or seek comfort.”

Please calm down and think about kids have no ability to express

 their real feelings. Like infants, they lack the verbal ability, so cry is the only thing they can express their emotions. Or like kids who can start to speak a few letters, they have no self-awareness to explain how they’re feeling and always fail to express their feeling in words.

For many toddlers, crying is not a reflection of sadness. They may cry out of anger, frustration, fear, excitement, confusion, anxiety or even happiness. The trouble is, parents may also ask them: “What’s wrong?” Rarely will there be an effective response.

2.Give different solutions based on different age

If it is an infant, there must be a reason why they cried. He might hungry, want to pee or he is pain or something. You must first determine which situation he is in, and then give different treatment methods. Children crying at this stage must fully meet the requirements, not cold treatment. This is very important for the establishment of children’s sense of security.

If it is a toddler, the first thing is also to make sure why he is crying. Was it a wrestling, a slap or a physical cause? If wrestling, first deal with whether there is a wound, give appropriate comfort, and guide the child to face the pain after wrestling. Or if the adult does not meet the child’s requirements and they cry, you can ask him to cry for a while and then talk to him.

a crying boy

3. Never say “Don’t cry”

a mother saying do not cry

A crying child CANNOT stop crying when the parent demands that they do. “Don’t cry” and “Stop crying” mean you don’t understand their feelings. This message is therefore likely to become louder and more persistent. By asking or telling them to “stop,” you’re also telling your child that their emotions are invalid and unimportant. “The more attention you give to the crying, the more you encourage it!”

4.Not use reward to stop kids crying

If you are using prizes to induce your child not to cry, then the situation will only get worse. Toddlers will threaten adults to meet their demands by crying.

Like we talked before, children always express their emotions through tears, the easiest and foremost method is to teach them to express emotions in words. You are better off soothing the child through close contact, soft singing, or just waiting it out before trying these talking points.

Taking care of children is a duty as parent, we should have a way to educate them, guide them, develop their good habits. Try to figure out why they are trying, and guide them use words to express their feelings.

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