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What Cossy brings on the table of Education toy?

A Kid and A Robot Made by Magnetic Blocks

Cossy Magnetic tiles: A Fascinating Magnetic Building Game!

Construction games are very popular with children and parents! It must be said that they offer many significant benefits in terms of the development of creativity and motor skills. While remaining a moment of fun and relaxation. From one year to more than eight years old, each child can find the right game for their abilities, with big pieces for the little ones and much more complex construction possibilities for the older ones.

Cossy Magnetic tiles, an enterprise created in 2007, has made building blocks its hallmark. In particular, she was awarded the “Toy of the Year 2018” award for her Cossy Happy Competition line. We offer you a little overview of his universe.

What is Cossy construction games?

Cossy construction games have a special feature: they are magnetic. For example, the child can build models using nickel spheres, magnetized rods, and consolidator panels. The elements are welded thanks to the force of attraction between the metal and the magnet, which allows the child to imagine constructions to infinity, in 3D or flat.

Cossy games are both entertaining and educational and help develop imagination, logic, and fantasy. All this through the learning of gravity. Through the production of models and constructions, children will also be able to interact with their peers or their parents and thus integrate into human relations.

Building sets marketed by the Cossy brand have several advantages. Their first strong point is their vocation to teach children while playing. As such, a number of teachers have adopted Cossy magnetic tiles as educational support. It is with them that the company has developed its products for children from nursery school to college.

In addition, society places the preservation of the planet at the forefront of its concerns. For this, it innovates and implements solutions to reduce its impact on the environment. Thus, the energy used to make the games is hydroelectric energy, known to be completely renewable. The company also follows a zero-waste goal and uses as much as possible environmentally friendly materials. By 2020, all plastic components should be replaced by organic or recycled polymer components.

In addition to these two main assets, the Cossy magnetic tiles game have the advantage of being able to be mixed together if your child has several boxes, to be durable in time and to adapt to the child’s abilities, and to propose permanent innovations and improvements to stimulate the imagination of children. For all these reasons, the brand has received more than a dozen awards at the international level since its creation.

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