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What gift to give to a 5-year-old boy?

If you are here, you may be looking for a gift for a 5-year-old boy. At this age, children are all set to begin preparatory classes. This is a challenge for which it is best if they are sufficiently prepared. It is above all a question of mental and intellectual preparation. In this, strong psychic and behavioral dispositions are good omens.

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In this new adventure, parents and children are on board. To help your 5-year-old son pass this milestone, it is recommended that you listen to him. Also, to be effective, your assistance must absolutely manifest itself at all levels of its growth. Thus, the use of playful activities and various toys for 5-year-old boys can greatly contribute to this.

However, the older your boy is, the more he needs the right toys and games to support his development at all levels.

The toy industry has a prolific supply that can be confusing if not careful. However, with our selection of 5-year-old boy toys, your child is sure to have healthy and creative hobbies.

Children love to quibble, build, break, and rebuild. With this Cossykids construction game, your little toddler will be in heaven. This type of toy helps develop the logic and creativity of the youngest. With 49 parts and assembly tools, your 5-year-old will have hours of fun.

With this LEGO DUPLO motorcycles box, he will have the possibility of making 3 different models by following the assembly instructions. However, nothing prevents him from inventing his own motorcycles according to his wishes. And if your boy doesn’t like motorcycles, LEGO DUPLO offers other constructions like cranes, fire trucks, etc.

“I’m learning to read” game

By age 5, children are usually already in school. By giving this game as a gift to your 5-year-old son, you are giving your little one the opportunity to learn to read while having fun. This is a real educational tool as this game has a self-correction function. This allows your child to grow and expand their vocabulary by associating the letters and referring to the drawing on the left of the plaque. As learning different shapes, magnetic tiles are great toys to give to 5 years old toddlers.

It should be noted that this game is designed in harmony with the school curriculum to help parents and children to progress in reading. Indeed, it comes with a case, which facilitates its transport and storage. So this is a great way to teach your little one to put away his toys.


Who said smartwatches are only for adults? Children can now also have their connected watch. And at a time when obesity and overweight threaten even the population of young children, this game allows your little one to work out through 3 sports challenges.

Whether running, dancing, or jumping, your 5-year-old will be able to exercise while having fun. And instead of spending hours in front of his game console, he can have fun outdoors with the 7 games included in this watch. The main advantage of this solution is that it is possible to set up parental controls to limit your child’s playtime.


No matter his age, a boy is always fascinated by robots! So surf on the 5-year-old boy’s natural attraction to robots and science fiction by giving him this very original gift. In addition, he will be able to order this toy via the order, which allows him to change the scenario as he wishes.

This robot, therefore, develops the creativity of your little one by making him play different roles. In addition, it allows your toddler to learn science fiction and find out how robots are made, what they are used for, etc. In other words, by giving this robot as a gift, you are giving him the opportunity to experience a different world from what he sees every day.


Stuck for a gift idea for a 5-year-old boy? Why not offer him this superb Cars bicycle with which he can explore the surroundings of your house in complete safety? A bicycle allows your toddler to develop his sense of balance and helps with his motor skills. It allows him to learn the movements and coordination of the feet, hands, and eyes. He also learns to detect obstacles that stand in his way and how to avoid or bypass them.

Plus, this bike is designed to keep your little boy safe, with anti-pinch brakes, a securely closed chain guard, and ergonomic handles with anti-pinch protection tips. Finally, it is important to emphasize that the practice of the bicycle gives your little one

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