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What dangerous ideas are taught to children?

“Very well, I want you to take out your math books and go to page 34.”, says the teacher.

She scrutinizes her eyes across the room. Sammy, a boy who never pays attention in class, never even released his book.

“Sammy! “The teacher calls her. “Why didn’t your book come out? Go sit around now! “

Sammy is around the corner. Tears in my eyes.

Five years later…

Sammy is in high school.

“Everyone, take out your math books and open page 100.”

Sammy takes out his math book and goes to page 100. He does his job carefully and gets the highest mark. He sits in front of the class and stands up, his eyes fixed on the teacher.

“Good work, Sammy,” said the teacher.

“Clara! Why didn’t your book come out ?! Watch this scribble on your work! “

Clara is all red but ignores the teacher.

Five years later.

Sammy is at university. He is the best student in the class and hesitates before doing anything the teacher didn’t ask. It is what you would call “a teacher’s pet”.

Clara is different. She listens, yes, but she makes her own decisions.

“Please work on your math using your books,” says the professor.

Sammy says, “What page? “

The teacher responds, “I don’t know, do what you want. Then he goes back to working on a document.

Sammy is stuck. What if he makes the wrong page? The professor will be angry and disappointed with him.

Clara goes to page 58. She does her job. She looks at Sammy. Sammy looking lost.

” What’s wrong? She asks.

“I don’t know which page to work on,” Sammy simply replies.

“I don’t know, just take a page at random as I did,” said Clara, smiling.

” No ! We have to do what the teacher says, ”Sammy replies.

“Oh well, – Clara shrugs her shoulders – Do what you want!” “

” No ! Repeats Sammy. ” You do not understand? We have to do what the teacher says! We can’t do what we want! “

Five years later…

Sammy and Clara go to a job interview.

Sammy fails.

” Why? ” He asks.

“We need people who can make decisions, think for themselves, and do whatever is required without being told to,” says the recruiter.

“But at school, I was taught to follow what the teacher said! “Sammy wonders.

“Sorry, we don’t hire this type of candidate at the moment …” adds the recruiter.

We live in a world where we are encouraged to repeat in the same way what has been shown or taught to us. The human race is currently struggling in the ability to make its own decisions.

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Please share if you care, let’s promote CREATIVE TEACHING.

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