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We asked this answer to adults and responses are astonishing: What were your favorite toys/games/activities when you were a child?

Mohamed Boulmers (محمد بولمرس), Géomètre-Topography

When I was a kid my thing was table football and pinball (my favorite was Amazon Hunt III from Gottlieb :). The problem is that it was strictly forbidden by my father, and each time he invented an antivirus, the virus that was in me made incredible mutations in addition to being able to invent methods not too correct to finance my addiction: a Dirham was enough and I didn’t let go of the pinball machine. The cashier had to cut the power for me to leave the room :). In the end, around my adolescence, I gave up this job to do other things.

Alexis Alfred, Humanoïde

0–3 years: no memories. Probably grabbing girls in 3g boxes and waking up in unknown places without remembering the first name of where we sleep, suddenly.

3–10 years old: a mix between playmobils and pretending that I had some talent for football, and that making a head less than my friends did not detract from my qualities as a goalkeeper. Small bodyboard sessions in the foam of the Landes waves on occasion, straight from families to granny’s feet, maneuver for connoisseurs.

10–14 years old: Playstation and listen to rap. Ideally both, those who have had Need for Speed ​​or GTA San Andreas will find it hard to contradict me. Do circus arts like acrobats, and get into manly sports like table tennis to develop my muscles and thus establish my street cred.

15–20 years: surf and discover the benefits and harms of aromatherapy based on Indian hemp in the name of science.

After around 21 or 22 years old I more or less became an adult. I still mouse in the waves, I still have toys like motorbikes that can send you to the host or objects like ouch but I feel that it is no longer the same: there is like consistency to the whole and a purpose between my toys/activities that had never been there before.

Isabelle Arnaud

Personally, I played dinette a lot when I was little! I loved to prepare fake meals and make them taste my whole family. Besides, it followed me well, since now I love to cook real!

So I try to pass this on to my nephews and nieces. I also plan to offer them a wooden kitchen as a toy for their Christmas this year (in the style of these I hope they will enjoy playing it as much as I did when I was little!

Growing up, I became quite interested in puzzles too, which are still a hobby that I still love today. And reading, lots of reading!

Édouard Pileski, Author 2014, 2017 & 2018

Sawing all kinds of branches with my swiss army knife, making springboards on bikes and starving at them, stealing cigarettes from my parents, learning to drive when they were gone, torturing animals, digging holes in forest paths and cover them with leaves and ignite just about anything and everything (a good arsonist never gets bored).

Lucien Quilre

I had several fairly unusual activities:

  • First of all, I specialized in coloring objects or skin using flowers from my parents’ garden. These flowers I crushed to extract color. My mother was always amazed at the scarcity of flowers in the garden!
  • I also had a snail farm; small grays and only these. I systematically rejected those yellow and those too small. One day some people laid little white eggs which they normally bury; they couldn’t do it. But when I discovered these small white balls, I believed in some parasite and I carefully cleaned my breeding by throwing their eggs …
  • More classically, I had made a spear with which I easily threatened my brothers. One day, as my older brother still refused me the bike we had to share, I threw the spear across the boulevard where we lived. I wanted to stop the bike but the impact was much worse! He got stuck in the front wheel; my brother hovered before crashing to the ground, tearing his skin over a large area of ​​his body.
    From that day, I really feared, my spear and I …
  • Still in this style, on vacation with my brothers, we made bows and arrows. Tired of making unnecessary tests on fixed targets, we targeted the farmer’s hens that had ventured to our home!
    It was a great success! The first arrow launched was stuck in the throat of a hen. But frightened at the thought that the peasant would see his hen arriving with the guilty arrow, we had to run, catch it and quickly remove the proof of our mischief …
     – Even more terrible, one day of stupidity, worse than the others, with the cousins ​​we climbed the poplars of a plantation. The game was to descend when the tree, with our weight, bent enough to be able to jump quietly on the ground, often the tree broke at the end of the descent, but that did not bother us!
    Until my cousin climbs on a treacherous tree; it was almost up when the tree broke suddenly! My cousin fell at least four meters to the ground; he fell flat on his back: we very clearly heard the impact of his body on the ground; stretched out, motionless, he was unable to catch his breath.
    All around us looked at him incapable of any action and wondering if he was not dying! Fortunately, after a while, he started to breathe normally, got up and we laughed a lot. But after having damaged a good twenty trees, we decided to change the game ….

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