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Toys played by the future genius kids

Children can sometimes get excited about subjects that are very surprising to adults. Among them are the dinosaurs that fascinate many little ones without parents being able to explain it. It is often at school that they discover these funny animals, in books or from adults who have spoken to them. Anyway, this craze, as mysterious as it is, would be a sign for a child that a bright future awaits him. Indeed, a scientific study says that the little ones who are passionate about dinosaurs are more likely than the others to become future geniuses.

More chance of success in life

American researchers from Indiana and Wisconsin universities say this. The first results of their survey show that children who develop obsessive interests in specific subjects are more likely to succeed in life. Being passionate about a subject from an early age will allow a child to show more attention and persistence for later. He has the patience and curiosity to ask questions and to conduct research himself to find the answers that interest him. It will therefore certainly be easier to solve certain problems.

Passion for dinosaurs

Worshiping dinosaurs could even be more useful for children. Thanks to this, they are able to pronounce very complicated words and thus improve their speech clearly as soon as possible. This passion will especially allow them to work their memory and their knowledge in general because they will be able to immerse themselves thousands of years ago to better understand the behavior of these specimens. They will, therefore, be able to learn about certain historical facts which will be of great help to them later. It must be said that the world of dinosaurs is far from simple, it is for this reason that researchers claim that these children are, thanks to this, able to more easily process complex information.

Kid playing with dinosaur toys

Even if as a parent you can quickly feel overwhelmed by this craze, it is in your interest to maintain this flame by trying to participate in it. Do not hesitate to offer him books on the subject, to take him to the museum or to watch with him documentaries adapted to his young age on this subject. Even if he ends up getting bored in the long run, you have to show him that you support him in his passions.

Trains toys: can create someone career

At 11, he identified all the trains in circulation. And knows the railway signs by heart. Marin, who lives in Rennes, is passionate. He maintains a railway news blog on which you can read comprehensive and substantiated notes on networks, rolling stock or switches, as well as photos of his own electric train. The syntax is remarkable and there is no spelling error. Marin is perhaps the only child in France who knew, before the Brétigny-Sur-Orge accident on July 12, the definition of the word “splinters”. “And for a long time,” he says. Because Marin has no doubts. “A case of severe ferrovipathy,” comments his father.

How long have you been passionate about trains? From the age of 2. My parents gave me a little wooden and plastic train, and that’s how the virus came to me. [he really talks like that, Marin. He uses the word “virus”, as an adult would say]

Why do you like the railway? There are lots of things to discover, it’s a bit mysterious and it’s never finished. I like to see the train run.

And if not, how is it when you take the train? You have to be a little pest, right? Not necessarily. I travel regularly, with my parents, to go from Rennes to Bordeaux or Paris, or to go to Dordogne. I always place myself, if possible, next to the window, preferably on the side that allows me to see the other track, so as to look at the railway landscape. I’m interested in the color of light signals and mechanics. And also to everything else: sleepers, overhead lines, rails, ballast. If we arrive at Rennes station in advance, I stand in front of a window from where we have a panoramic view of the station and the tracks.

Trace a circuit for small cars using colored bands on the ground

small cars using colored bands on the ground

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Magnetic tiles can bring the magic of imagination

A kids playing cossykids magnetic tiles

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