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The value of the toy for toddlers

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Between the morning run, the day in the middle of the daycare where the group and the educator’s instructions must be followed, the return home, bathing and going to bed, the children sometimes have little time available to play freely. We must, therefore, be attentive so that this activity takes pride of place in the daily lives of our children. In an era of organized leisure and busy schedules, it should be remembered that free play allows a child to develop just as much as the other activities that make up his daily life.

Time to play

When a child is allowed to play freely, he then has the opportunity to develop his autonomy in play, that is to say, the opportunity to choose, decide and organize his activity in his own way. Plan a half-hour every day so that your children can play: alone or with you, indoors or outdoors using educational toys such as magnetic tiles or other extra-curriculum activities.

When they have free time, some children don’t always know what to do because they are used to having adults organize their time. So get into the habit of leaving the initiative to your child when you play with him. “What will we do with the plasticine or the blocks?” “This is a good way to encourage the development of your autonomy. When you let your child decide, he develops his autonomy and discovers ways to play that he can reproduce when he is alone. He will surprise you with his ideas.

Outdoor games and toys

Outdoor play is a good way to expend energy, which reduces the risk of being overweight. It is, therefore, necessary to find time to allow your child to move outside to meet his need to run, jump, climb, crawl, dance. Outdoor games allow your child movements that are difficult to do in the house such as tumbling, sliding, swinging, playing ball and ball, making soap bubbles, etc.

You can also spend time outside with your child. You will be more motivated to go outside to play if you enjoy yourself. Why not race or play tag with him? This is an opportunity for you and your child to enjoy the four seasons.

Psychological Importance of toys

Do not underestimate toys that are simple copies of reality (truck, house, dinette, doll, stuffed animal). Your child will then have to use his imagination – and his creativity – to bring them to life and create play situations.

Choose toys that can be used in different ways: block toys, farms, trucks, dolls, paper, and pencils for making drawings, plasticine, disguises. Such toys allow your child to use his imagination and will interest him longer than a toy that requires a specific activity.

Bet on a variety of toys rather than the quantity. Your child will enjoy toys that allow them to move, build, imagine, tinker, express themselves, pretend, observe nature, sing, play with others. Such a variety of toys will widen her play preferences. She will also stimulate the different stages of her development, thus promoting a harmonious overall development.

Finally, limit the weekly use of the computer or electronic games. It will then be easier to maintain good habits at school age when your children’s interest in video games increases.

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