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Seven toys to keep 3 to 9 years old kids moving

Are your kids a fan of the screens and don’t get the 60 minutes of daily physical activity recommended by the Child Development experts? Protect yourself has tested seven original games and toys that will make them move. Slackline, disc-golf, laser rifle, cycle-motorbike: there is something for all tastes and all ages, toddlers from 3 to 6 years old included!

Due to the proliferation of screens, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get children to move. Their inactivity is such that the rate of obesity among young people in the country has almost tripled in the past 30 years, reports the Canadian government. He recommends that you do at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

As part of our games and toys tests, we asked families to try games that get kids moving. Our expert, physical education teacher Jean-Paul Gagné, also evaluated some of these products.

“Toys like slacklines can be very demanding on children and therefore be part of their 60 minutes of physical activity a day,” said the professor.

Here we show you seven toys designed to move that got good marks (3 or more stars out of 5).

Age: from 6 years old (with supervision)


Very good quality product. Well illustrated instructions. Game allowing to progress. Intended for one person or several tightrope walkers. Practical storage bag.


Instructions in English only. This game requires an appropriate space (up to 15 m) and adequate structures (trees, poles, etc.) to be installed. The set does not contain tree protectors.


The goal of this activity for the child is to maintain his balance by walking on a strap (or slackline in English) 5 cm wide suspended between two trees, about at the height of his knees. To help beginners, the set contains a smaller help strap that you tie above your head. You can stand there to cross the entire length. To raise the difficulty level, you remove the help strap.

Charlotte, Félix, and Samuel, aged 6, 8, and 11 respectively, loved this game, says their dad, who even had to play the police to make everyone’s turn respected!

According to our expert, this activity develops balance and physical strength of the child while encouraging him to improve. It requires the presence of an adult for the youngest (6 to 8 years old), but older children will be able to play freely safely once the installation is complete.

Slackers Ninja line 30′ Pro Combo Kit with 7 obstacles

Age: from 6 years old (with supervision)


Original game to develop strength and agility in children. Good variety of obstacles in this starter set. Ability to modify challenges and use the product as a balance strap. Practical storage bag.


Requires appropriate space (up to 10 m) and adequate structures (trees, poles, etc.) for installation. The knotted ropes are slippery for children’s hands. Lack of clarity of instructions, and first installation requiring time. The set does not contain tree protectors.


This original game allows you to create an aerial course in your yard or in the park using different types of grips: handles, bars, knotted ropes, and rings. Children must try to cross it (maximum length 10 m) by grabbing hold of the grips hanging on the strap.

Valérie, the mother of Ophélie (10) and Éloi (12), says that “the game is intended for athletic children who like to take up challenges requiring strength and agility”. To vary the level of difficulty, you can adjust the height of the strap, change the order of the takes or move them away from each other.

The installation will be easier for two and takes 20 to 30 minutes of your time. The strap, the tensioner, and the accessories are very robust. The game can accommodate several “ninjas” thanks to its maximum load of 113 kg (250 lb). Note that the strap is also used as a balance strap (slackline) to be installed close to the ground.

Laser X Long Range Blaster

Age: 6 to 10 years old


Rifles and bibs are easy to handle. The set has a futuristic look that appealed to children as well as parents because the rifles are not too realistic.


The indicator lights are not very visible in daylight.


Plastic assembly. Includes two 28 cm rifles and two bibs with an infrared indicator. Each player aims for his opponent’s indicator, which will be eliminated after eight touches.

Among test families, this game sparked intense games of hiding and seek inside and out. Félix (6) and Samuel (9) played with all their friends.

Farm Hoppers

Age: 1 year and a half to 4 years


Adorable and friendly cow. The ears provide a good grip for the jumping child. Resistant toy.


Some children tend to sit too close to the head and tilt forward. The parent must, therefore, remain vigilant during the first attempts.


Rubber cow 50 x 30 cm high. The child sits on it and jumps forward. Includes a pump to inflate the toy.

As soon as Johann (3) saw the cow, he straddled it to jump down the hall. Her little sister Charlotte (18 months) was fearful at first, but after a few days, she became as skillful as her brother. A toy that requires good overall motor skills as well as a good sense of balance. It is best to offer it to a child who is stable on his feet.

VTech 2-in-1 bike

Age: 1 to 3 years old


The unisex colors of the toy pleased the parents. Robust and easy to transform. Varied melodies and sounds.


Nothing to report.


It is a 65 x 40 cm plastic tricycle that turns into a motorcycle. The child sits on it and propels himself with his feet. Offers 15 melodies, 3 songs, sounds, and utterances. Offers two game modes: music and discovery.

Louca (2 years old) jumped on the tricycle as soon as he saw it and did not leave it during the whole test period. The toy offers no back support: the child should be stable on his feet and big enough to ride on.

Disks Game

Age: 5 to 11 years old


Colorful and attractive game. Quick assembly and disassembly. Practical storage bag to transport the game to the park or by car. The plastic product is of good quality and its colors are attractive.


Difficult to score points when you are away from the base. Small and unstable discs, making precise shots difficult. The limited interest of children.


This set contains a basket mounted on a base and eight small flying discs 11 cm in diameter. A net made of chains hanging above the basket stops the discs so that they fall into it. The object of the game is simple: throw as many discs as possible into the basket to score points!

Families said it is difficult to score unless you are very close to the basket. Small discs are rather unstable and make precise shots almost impossible. The interest of the children, great at the start, has faded in some cases after only a few tries.

Our expert suggests starting the game about two meters from the base and gradually backing up to increase the level of difficulty. To maintain interest and vary the game, it is possible to throw tennis balls (directly into the basket or by bouncing them first on the ground) or pockets (from a set of pockets).

To see all of the games, activities, and toys recommended by Cossykids, consult our free database of 50 games for family and children and our database of 172 board games. We also recommend you read other toys to promote kids’ and toddlers’ motor skills.

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