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198 Pcs STEM Construction Building Blocks

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Age-Appropriate:  2-9
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• Perfect Round Corners Do Not Hurt Your Kids
• Best Eco-friendly ABS Material
• Gorgeous Colors Riching Kid’s Life
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Cossy Educational and Activity Toy Set 198 pcs

The engineering construction building set is open-ended and encourages both problem-solving and creative play.

Product Gameplay

Children can build different cars, planes, animals, etc. by themselves, which makes them very proud. It inspired them to make many different things! Your kids will love this kit!

Tiles Dimension



Well-made plastic building toy

Cossy toy are produced with premium ABS and polypropylene which is non-toxic superior plastics, no odor, do not worry about children gnawing while playing.

Easy assembly

Each ball has 26 connecting points, so the pieces are easy to assemble. Children can build different cars, planes, animals, etc. by themselves, which makes them very proud. It would let them really use their hands and coordination to build things and that at 3 years old they could handle.

Great for storage and travel

It comes in a super convenient snapable Tupperware with a handle. Great for storage and travel.


Superior ABS plastic, Break-resistant

Product Gameplay: because of magnetic force, it can draw any two pieces tightly. Therefore, it can be used to make various structures. According to the children’s age to operate, can be combined into a variety of modeling blocks (housing, transportation, people, animals, large amusement park, etc.).

Smooth surface, bright color

Circular arc angle design, multi-channel safety inspection, each piece is very safe, protect baby’s little hands are not injured. There are no sharp edges, so children can play with them safely. A variety of colors of magnetic blocks, and has a high transparency.

About Cossy

Cossy is a place to find creative alternatives to the STEM and wooden toys you love! All of our toys are eco-friendlily manufactured. They meet, and in most cases, exceed the strictest international toy safety standards. Join us. Let’s be creative. Let’s have fun.

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15 reviews for 198 Pcs STEM Construction Building Blocks

  1. kN

    My kids 6 & 2 enjoyed playing with this building set. The 6-year-old was able to create more, but the little brother had fun making up stories to go with what he made too. This set held their interest for about an hour at a time, but they were ready to play again the next day. They have had it for just 2 days, but it seems like they will stay interested in it for some time.
    . It is very useful in this summer vacations…. till now they are spending at least 1-2 hours on this… hopefully it will continue.. kids are enjoying with this……

  2. arika

    Designed well and fits wells too. I would say the great quality and my Lil one enjoys this one building more than other such branded toys..

  3. Sonu Shah

    I bought this as a gift for my niece. This is a perfect toy if you want your kids to get occupied for a long time. You can not go wrong with an educational toy. The box that it comes with makes it easier to store after playtime.

  4. Scott Hiott

    Awesome toy for hours of fun.

  5. Oscar Ancira Torres

    So I bought this toy trying to avoid my 5 and 7 years old daugthers spend more time watching TV and play with something more educational. This toy completely achieved this goal. I wasn’t planning to open the toy until the weekend so I have time to seat and play with them explaining how to build, etc., but they saw the box when I was busy working, they asked me if they can open it, I accepted and they spend hours playing and constructing some of the example models that come with the toy. Next day they started building stuff on their own. Great toy, I think younger kids will also have fun with it, probably with a little more help from parents.

  6. Farida Bagha

    This is a great toy! I love how it brings out the creativity in my children. My son is 5 and my daughter 3. It’s great for them. The pieces are easy to connect together so they don’t need too much assistance from me. Recommend!

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