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Our gift ideas for a 2-year-old child – Moms approved toys

No, but it’s still crazy … I feel like I was writing a list of gift ideas for the baby’s first birthday yesterday, and here we are already considering gifts for her second birthday! You can also discover other toys for 3 4 5 toys ideas.

Well it’s true, I’m going a little in advance, but it’s because this year has been rich in changes so we imagine that we must anticipate all those that will take place during the next year so that the gifts don’t get stale too quickly ?

Here are our gift ideas that we think are suitable for a second birthday, of course, this list cannot be exhaustive, and should be adapted to the temperament of your Baby Who Rips® ?

Transport means

Scooter / balance bike / motorcycle

The baby made it clear to us by going to his older friends and opening his eyes wide to the park when we meet children on a balance bike or scooter: after his little house received for his 1st birthday (see article), It is time for him to acquire an autonomous means of transport that is his own.

We are still hesitating a little on the model, but we will probably look for the three-wheeled scooter, with its set of protections obviously.

Here is a small selection of models still in the race at this stage of reflection:

scooter car as one toy for 2 years old

The Cars scooter (Mondo – 18059 – Children’s Bicycle and Vehicle – Foldable 3 Wheel Scooter – Cars)

The Cars scooter (Mondo - 18059 - Children's Bicycle and Vehicle - Foldable 3 Wheel Scooter - Cars)

The Vilac Balance Bike (Vilac – 1004 – Children’s Bicycle and Vehicle – Moto Balance Bike)

moto Injusa

The Injusa motorcycle for babies (Injusa – 006/190 – First Age Toy – Neox Moto Carrier)

And whatever model will be chosen, of course,

it will be accompanied by essential protections: helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads.

Une console ou table d’apprentissage :

At two years old, the baby became very curious and eager to learn. Moreover, between 24 and 36 months, he will acquire a host of new skills, enrich his skills, develop his imagination, his language, and his character as well.

There are educational tablets and consoles suitable for infants, and when we had the opportunity to give him a try (in stores or with friends), baby showed great interest

We chose to offer baby the interactive 3 in 1 desktop from Vtech:

interactive bureau for 2 years old / toys for 2 years old 3 in 1 desktop from Vtech
image: amazon

It is suitable for 2 to 4 years old, it offers a multitude of activities and it can also be used as a “normal” desk for drawing, or even as an easel for our little artist (or not ^^)

For more info on this office:

I also have a soft spot for Nathan’s Dokéo game, which Mummy Addict had tested for us as part of Noel Qui Tear.

Dokéo is an encyclopedia adapted to babies, and which will evolve with their curiosity. With us, it will undoubtedly be the “educational” gift of the grandparents for his two years: Nathan – 301419 – Board game – Educational game – My First Dokéo – Random model

dokéo nathan

Toys to make up stories

Here we are, for a few weeks now, it is obvious, baby makes his life … and in particular he invents his games.

This faculty particularly developed when he received his first interactive train track as a gift, and he is very eager for these kinds of games.

What works particularly with us are the Tut Tut Bolides, and for a few days, the Playmobils ?

Here are some ideas your two-year-old should like:

The Tut Tut Bolides train circuit (Vtech – 146705 – Miniature Vehicle – Tchou Tchou Bolides – My Interactive Train Circuit)

Tested and approved every day by our clients since Christmas ?

   Playmobil’s Noah’s Ark (Playmobil 1.2.3 – 6765 – Take Along Noah’s Ark (1 year and a half +)

The “little brother” infant and his stroller

It’s a fact, for some time now babies seem to want to be treated like grown ups. We are approaching the fateful period of the terrible two, and all my son cares about is doing things for himself.

At almost two years old, we therefore followed his evolution and started teaching him to take responsibility for certain everyday things, to put away his toys, to help set the table, to wipe the tablet of his high chair after his meal …

And then there is her baby Paul, received for Christmas and which takes up more and more space. Baby likes to walk him in a stroller, give him his bottle, and begin to take an interest in the functions of the potty made available to his infant … so we started to explain the principle of cleanliness, and I believe that “Miming” with this baby helped him understand.

Answer in a few weeks! In any case, we find that the purchase of this infant was a good idea, since baby felt responsible for a “smaller one”, and we saw him pay attention to his gestures (most of the time ), to take care of it. Well, let’s be honest, he also likes to walk his baby in his stroller and at full speed in the apartment. It sometimes happens that a door or a piece of furniture slows down the race a bit, but it is not at all intentional ?

Here is the one we have chosen (and its accessories): Corolle – T4556 – Poupon – Mon Classique Corolle – Paul Fait Pipi

Corolle - T4556 - Poupon - Mon Classique Corolle - Paul Fait Pipi/ toys for 2 years old

Imitation games or Pretend & Play

Still, in her pursuit of doing everything to grow taller, you will no doubt have noticed that as she turns two, baby wants to do everything just like you. And it’s great to see him understand all the daily activities, and carry them out on his own!

Mom Damour and Tessie had a very interesting article about imitation games: reread the article.

Among the most popular imitation games, there are some great classics:

Parmi les jeux d’imitation les plus plebiscités, on trouve de grands classiques :

The chef’s kitchen (I find this model of Vilac really hot: Vilac – 6194 – Imitation – La Grande Cuisine du Chef)

cuisine enfant

The merchant’s game: Ecoiffier – 1744 – Imitation game – Merchant – Market gardener’s stand

jeu d'imitation marchand

Games just for laughs:

Because it’s great to learn through play, but sometimes it’s also great that the game is just a game and a good excuse for a great laugh!

Here are some game ideas that will be very popular with your 2-year-old babies:

The Pirate Peak

pic pirates
image : amazon

To find out more about this game: Tomy – board game – Pic’pirate

Elefun :

image : amazon

find out more: Hasbro – A40921010 – Action Reflex Game – Elefun

I hope these few ideas will help you find the perfect gift for your baby, and next week we will share our three-year anniversary gift ideas with you.

Blog originally released by mamansquidechirent.

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