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How to keep children busy during isolation

Due to coronavirus continues to spared to the globe, everyone needs to stay at home to have a social distance. Adults can endure the time during isolation, but children are people who are very curious about nature and the outside world. How to keep children busy during isolation is the most difficult task for parents. Don’t let yourself stay indoors for such a long time to drive you crazy. Here are some tips for you!!

For children under 3 years old, they have no idea of ​​their own, they actually live a life dominated by the wishes of their parents. Parents can distract the outside world, so it is important to figure out the idea of ​​keeping your child busy!

Get them their favorite toys

Children can easily distract them, but if you buy them toys they like, they will stay focused.

  • 1. Like magnetic tiles, this not only inspires your children to think, structure and make them laugh!!
  • 2. Or if you have a cute girl, you can give them a doll to dress up. Like Barbie, I do not think there is a little girl who did not like dolls when she was a kid.

Give them a task

  • 1. Watch cartoons with them. Children always focus on their attention on the colorful things.
  • 2. Take them to play mud in the garden. If you need an at-home activity that’s both fun and educational, consider gardening. Don’t be afraid to get your clothes dirty. This will be the only place where they learn natural knowledge during coronavirus. Play mud is also a good toy for them to make the thing they want.

For the children who had attended school, we should set a schedule for them, cities were blocked and schools were closed, but it is not just a holiday at home, we should also let the children be disciplined like in school. Therefore, they will perform well when they return to school.

Set a timetable for them

Schools may be closed but one of the ways to keep things running efficiently at home is to stick to a schedule. Creating a timetable at home will help your child know what to expect, which enhances their sense of control. Include wake up/bed times, meal times, screen time and activity time into your routine. Set them a timetable with start and end time, with breaks in between. Map out the learning they will be doing. Factor in movement breaks.

1. Reading time

  • -Read stories in funny voices
  • -Act out favorite stories
  • -Make drawings/art projects based on favorite books
  • -Play create-a-story games: Sit in a circle and each person takes turns adding one sentence at a time to tell the story. For more fun, add one word at a time instead of one sentence

2. Arts and crafts

  • Pudding paint
  • Make slime/goop/play dough
  • Tape and paper towns
  • Sock puppets/shadow puppets/paper bag puppets
  • Paper plate masks or animals

3. Writing time

  • Make a scrapbook that describes your activities during your days home from work/school
  • Write down 10 things that you make you feel happy, thankful, sad, excited or angry.
  • Write your own story

4. Other activities

  • Do chores
  • Learn to cook

Separate playing and learning time

There should be no constraints on the time after school. They want to play with toys and let them play, as well as watching TV. Do everything they want to do after the learning time, make them have a time limit for learning and playing.

All in all, social distance is a way to save our lives, and we should find ways to make the days of isolation at home easier. How to keep your children busy at home is a difficult task, but it is also a great learning opportunity for you and your children. Try these tips if you think it will help you through this time.

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