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Magnetic Tiles Creative Idea: Capital Letters

If you have been following our social media, you may have seen that our best seller is magnetic Tiles. This reflects the fact that parents love these building blocks as they are NO-STOP educational toys for kids.

A warm parenting tip: Just for everyone to know that Magnetic tiles are suitable for all ages above 3 to 12 years old. These building blocks are always the right education toys to stimulate STEM and STEAM to a larger scale. Why STEAM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Humanity Arts. Magna tiles take your children OFF-Screens and reach the human connection while building different ideas together with friends.

Today Cossykids is honored to bring you the building ideas parents can make with their children or can show to Children to make with their friends. Since we do have many ideas. This is part 1, consider subscribing to our website here to receive more ideas into your email.

Uppercase Alphabet Printable Cards

Is your child learning Letters at school? Is he/she happy to build the first letter of his first and last name? Now your children can create printable cards using magnetic tiles. Here are some examples:

Start with Letters with Interest, if your child is Fiona:

Or You can even Just from A, we have seen parents settings benchmarks for Children to complete A to Z challenge.

There are many combinations that can be built by Children. Not only one letter can be built-in magnetic tiles, but Children can become innovative and build many words combinations.

If you want to get Magnetic tiles or adding the quantity you have, please feel free to browse our products on or check the best offer here.

References: Teachingmama Organization.

See the testimony of the Parent of Joana how he is using Magnetic Tiles to Enrich Joana’s life.

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