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CossyKids: magnetic tiles as a building game

An exciting story from Andrews Kumar about magnetic tiles

Cossykids helps parents to have good time with their children
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Last October, My son Joana and I went to Oncle’s home. Of course, we spent time playing with other kids (where we had a tournament), gaming stations around homes and in the backyard. If I did not notice anything new in these essential brands for my son, we had the opportunity to make a very nice discovery at their home that they bought from Amazon: the Cossykids building. Continuing to search I realized that the brand a website as well which is, where I then bought a set to my Son. Now, we don’t need to play Magnetic tiles only with we visit my brother, Joana’s uncle. However, I realized that the game is also wonderful for Joana to socialize with other kids in the neighborhood. They compete and they call me to take pictures of their accomplishments.

Inside the Box of Cossykids Magnetic Tiles

The Cossykids Magnetic Tiles box contains varied and colorful geometric shapes that come together with a magnet system. The child thus manages to mount or imagine constructions more or less elaborate. The complexity depends on the number of pieces (and the recommended age).

Designed for children from 3 to 12 years old, the Cossykids range is a big hit with Joana! We received the Lunar Rover box, which allows him to use geometric shapes and wheels to build different vehicles. He goes up and down the various models proposed to each new game. By Christmas, he had to master these models perfectly. A great opportunity to complete this box with 1 or 2 others. Indeed, like any self-respecting construction game, all Cossykids boxes can be combined! And When Joana gets a new challenge to fulfill and he does not have enough tiles, I just purchase a new box to complete what we have now.

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