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Coronavirus: How to occupy your 3 to 5 years, old toddlers, during confinement?

Keeping children entertained during COVID19 has never been easy. The Covid-19 epidemic requires keeping children at home: no more school, no more nursery … Wondering how to keep your little Lou’s? At Lib & Lou, we want to stay positive and move forward. And since we have kept our soul of a child, we offer you 6 cool and easy activity ideas to set up at home! Discover also other interesting parents have been sharing how making COVID19 life interesting.

How to entertain kids during COVID19

Play as painters

What if this confinement was an opportunity to (re) start painting? With a finger, a brush, a straw, … children will be able to reveal their creativity! You can do this activity with small pieces of cabbage as with larger ones. Suggest a theme and let’s go! Painting is one activity that is important to keep children happy during COVID19 outbreak.

The Lib & Lou tip: for the little ones, grab a large sheet of paper and invite them to paint with their hands or feet. Laughs guaranteed!

Why not organize a small exhibition at the home of the works produced? You can also organize a raffle of the most beautiful designs and frame them.

Dress up to dream a little

Ah, the disguises! Girl or boy, everyone loves to put themselves in the shoes of their favorite hero for an afternoon! The good idea? Offer a disguised snack. During the day, everyone can get busy making original disguises:

animal masks (real or not);
princess crown;
superhero cape;
cardboard wizard’s staff;
the make-up of the savannah …
Then it’s time for a snack to award a trophy to the most beautiful costume!

You will understand, imagination is the only limit! No need to have a lot of material: crepe paper, felt, stickers or even a few scraps of fabric are enough!

To explore the subject further, you can find our article on disguise in children “Why the need to aspire to other roles?”

(Re) discover the games of our childhood

This confinement obligation will at least have the advantage of bringing everyone together at home and rethinking the time spent together, as a family. What if you took the opportunity to introduce your offspring to the games you played when you were a child?

Maybe you kept old toys in the back of a closet? Power 4, Pictionary, the game of goose or even the little horses? Your children will be delighted to discover the games of your childhood.

Discover cooperative board games

Do you know about cooperative board games? They’re very hot right now, and it’s no wonder. Thus, rather than being in competition, these cooperative games favor solidarity and mutual aid, listening, and attention. The emphasis is on team spirit … and the kids love it! In fact, these games, like logic games, are a great way to keep children occupied when telecommuting.

The Haba brand, for example, offers several that will appeal to even the little ones. Lib & Lou also offers cooperative board games for rent, to discover another way of having fun.

All in the kitchen!

It’s all well and good, but in the meantime, home confinement is hollowing out! How about inviting a little gluttony into your program!

Kids love to bake and help their parents prepare a meal, especially when it comes to cake. Personally, we can’t resist the call for chocolate chip cookies… How about you?

The Internet is full of good recipe ideas to prepare with your little lou (ps)! Here are some ideas that will make them happy:

the unbeatable yogurt cake: you can put whatever you want: fruit, chocolate, jam, compote …
a jam roll (or a spread!);
a chocolate chip banana bread;
shortbread cookies;
an Apple pie…
Find our recipes easy to make with your children to combine fun and learning

Indoor activities for learning while having fun

Who says confinement, says no school. Certainly. But it is quite possible to continue learning at home! For example :

play dominoes to review numbers;
watch cartoons .. in English to combine the useful with the enjoyable;
play the merchant to review elementary calculations: addition, subtraction, etc. It is also a good way to review food names and colors for toddlers;
write a logbook: work on writing, know how to synthesize information, etc. ;
print fun activities. The One Day One Game site offers a large selection of small printable games. If you have a laminator at home, don’t hesitate to use it for reuse.

Read more other 30 activities to keep children entertained during COVID19.

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