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Beyond educational toys: These Creative Kids are teaching a lesson to Parents of what can be done

Lesson 1: Nature is the best friendly and useful educational toy: protect it

We recommend Organic or natural educational games and toys to protect our children. There are Simple but still popular toys. Wooden games or toys in natural colors, with tints based on food coloring, tinted with beeswax or in natural raw wood …

Lesson 2: Educational toys and games can save to understand the grown-up world

This dad is using educational toys to teach children the meaning of the difference in USA social classes. Although it is done in a humorous way, however, it shows other parents how they should make simple complex teaching for children. It has been proven that kids can learn a complex concept if taught right.

Lesson 3: Parenting means to invest time for kids

This dad is turning himself into a robot and sending a clear message to parents of the rest of the world: make a good time for your children. Parenting is not just throwing tones of toys to kids and go reading your book, or go back to your electronics. What we have learned from many parents: you cannot teach kids to use screens less time if parents themselves are electronicholic. But kids should use electronics with a limit. Instead, it is about going dirty on the ground with your children.

Lesson 4: Always be kind to strangers, someone has been kind to your kids

It was somewhere, people are stuck into traffic, including kids. A stranger with a projector is projecting kids movies for the kid to watch. In life, we receive hands from others, therefore always be ready to help others materially and morally.

Lesson 5: We can use items we already have to train kids

Those kids have great critical thinking skills. Someone( probably parents) have made such a game using the items they have in the house to play and train kids. You cannot say that you don’t have enough toys to train your kids. You just have enough around you. Do not forget to teach your children building skills using cossy magnetic tiles. Is it difficult to buy toys for you? You don’t what for each age? here we give you a full guide.

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