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Are you using Educational Toys Right?

Often by the time, we are finished worrying about whether our children are going well, if they are talking, if they are eating, etc. Then comes a new series of worries like knowing whether or not to invest a lot of money and time in the educational toys of our children, what is the point of having, choosing them wisely? And above all, it is useful for something! This is what I invite you to discover through this article. Playing is a natural need

First, the first thing to know, as we learn Idriss ABERKANE in his book “Free your brain! “: Playing is the natural instinctive way to learn, because if you look closely, all mammals play to learn.

And besides, it is quite simple to realize this when your child is very young, he wants to play all the time! It seems that it is an irrepressible need for him, an absolute need. But not only! We too, adults, all the activities or “hobbies” that we can keep in time are the ones in which we cheerfully “play”.

So play, and especially educational toys is a powerful way to take care of the education and learning of your children. They are a palette of tools that the child is already inclined to use to grow.

Too many toys already at home?

That said, there are a lot of toys, of all kinds, for all ages, sometimes even dozens for the same goal! You just have to see the store shelves as the end of the year approaches to realize this. It is really difficult as an educator to figure out how to arrange all of these toys so that the child learns what is suitable for your children. In addition, educational toys are often designed for “typical” children who do not always correspond with our children. And then a question often comes up: Is such a toy really educational? Difficult to know when you are not a teacher …

However buying more educational and continuous toys such as magnetic tiles, instead of buying a new toy, then you just need to buy an upgrade to build more robust kinds of stuff.

Play is a way to learn to educate

Often we hesitate in our approach to educating our children. We find parents, who will be very invested, even going so far as to educate as a family, and on the contrary, we find those who have blind faith in the institution of education given to our little ones and will not do at home. them no form of learning by saying that this is already quite enough with the school.

Yet we ALL feel the same, we need to be educators. That is to say, the need to transmit a heritage, family values, education, etc. This role is not the responsibility of the institution, it is a certainty. I can say this with all these years of teaching that I have given: a child who does not have the breeding ground for education cannot receive the seeds of knowledge.

This is where educational toys are interesting for families because they are the easiest way for each parent to learn to educate and educate at the same time.

The conditions for a good educational toy

Kids and toddlers playing together

How often do we answer our children: “I don’t have time to play with you”?

I still come across people who are only looking for a way to “get rid” of their children by giving them an occupation (often television) so as to “put them to sleep” and have “peace”. Some go so far as to use educational toys as a means for this and above all to gain a good conscience.

Others are just afraid of doing the wrong thing, or imagine that you have to be “competent” to be able to educate your children. They don’t find the time to figure out how to do it, or just don’t dare.

In reality, this is often a problem from a point of view. We always tend to exaggerate in our adult posture, as well as in our look at the parent-child relationship. Using play is a way to learn to have a lighter posture to be more positive and playful.

Because we forget that “being good parents” is less important or even useless when we compare it to laughing a lot and loving even more.

If you think about your childhood, the memories you like to remember to fall into the second category, not the first…

Are good educational toys expensive?

It is true that this question of money is of great concern to us, especially when we see how much certain specific Montessori-type equipment can cost. I have already seen people having to pay up to 5000 euros in this type of equipment! And for what educational use? And how do you measure it? Cossykids just make a magnetic tiles package for less than 30 dollars, make sens? It is something parents can try without breaking banks.

I’m not saying that Montessori is useless, on the contrary, well set up, like all educational toys it can become a powerful vector, BUT: Buying does not mean succeeding!!!

As a result, we then turn to D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) to spend less, which may seem a good alternative. Now, it often requires having manual and creative skills that not everyone has. Not to mention that the result is not always as expected … (I speak from experience 😉)

Despite this, it is better to spend time making educational toys yourself with your child, rather than providing him with magnificent ready-made toys which he is supposed to play alone in his room.

Not to mention that there is no need to have tons of equipment or money. It often suffices to be inventive by realizing yourself what you don’t already have. And if the need arises, then we can buy specific educational toys depending on what we want to deliver as education.

The toy game: Learn by playing

The great thing about the play is that it creates a positive learning space through action, anywhere and anytime.

At end of the day, children easily accept the instruction that is given through play because they can play and learn without being frowned upon

The taste for “starting over” is much easier to implement: and it is one of the foundations of learning

On another hand, all participants are in a cheerful positive atmosphere, even if the stake is very serious: like during a treasure hunt for example

The goal of the toy is often the educational goal, so it allows you to associate progression with success. Thus, the child becomes his own judge: he does not depend on an outside person to know whether he should be proud of him or not (unlike school)

The simplest toys are sometimes the most important

After all this, you are probably wondering how to set up educational toys at home, what are the toys for such age that best match?

I invite you to discover it in our other articles

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