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50 activities ideas to keep children occupied

Our main purpose is to Help your children be independent and achieve her full potential.

You will find below a list of 50 activities to do with your children or to offer them so that they can play independently.

These activities are separated into 3 parts, creative activities, calm activities, and activities that make people laugh and move.

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SUMMARY of our activities:

Creative ideas for fun

Ideas for calm times

Ideas for entertainment

Discover our list of 50 activities to do with children during confinement

Whether you’re juggling telework and your kids, or just lacking the inspiration to keep them busy, this list will help you find some ideas for occupations during confinement.

What is certain is that you cannot transform yourself into a professional animator in order to offer your children activities at every moment of the day. You can use this list to find an idea, but you can also print it out, cut out the activities, and put them in a jar so that your child can pick up on these activities and take care of himself.

Creative activities

The following activities will allow your children to work their imagination and creativity while remaining (normally, roughly) calm.

1. Painting

If you have paint and brushes, then you can suggest to your children to paint on white sheets, to take coloring to paint them or to find ideas in our file on activities related to painting.

2. Draw and color

It will just take the paper to let your child’s imagination work. You can also offer them coloring pages, mandalas, or even pixel art so that they can use their beautiful colored pencils.

3. Make plasticine

You can offer them to create things using plasticine to work on their fine motor skills and creativity. Don’t have plasticine? Do not panic, we even prepared the homemade recipe for plasticine.

4. Make Salt Dough

Similar to plasticine, you have the salt dough that kids love. You can then do a painting workshop and the creations can be used to decorate the house.

5. Make Papier-mache

We have also prepared the Papier-mache recipe for you so that you can offer your children to make Papier-mache owls, for example.

6. Draw his portrait

How funny! The child must position himself in front of the mirror and must try to draw his own portrait. It’s harder than it sounds and the results are often funny! If you have several children, it is possible to ask each one to draw one of his brothers and sisters.

7. Make Pearls

Whether you want to make dragonflies for spring, bead puppets or an iron bead mobile, kids will love to focus on making the most beautiful creation possible.

8. Create a clean painting table

You just need to take a sheet and put paint directly on it before putting it in a plastic bag and sealing it. Your child can draw with his fingers without getting everywhere.

9. Create a Magic Drawing

Magic drawing is a very funny activity for children! You will first have to create a drawing, then a magic lamp to finally be able to assemble the 2 and discover all the secrets!

10. Make origami

There are lots of different levels of difficulty that will allow children of all ages to create their animals and paper objects to work on their fine motor skills and creativity. In addition, it only takes paper to make origami!

Calm activities

If your children are too excited about the experiences they have just had, they may need a moment of calm. This can be done through one of these activities which will allow them to work on their concentration and patience.

11. Read

Just take a book and settle down comfortably to enter a whole new world! Also, discover our top 10 books that will help your children recognize and share their emotions. If there is more than one, a child can even read for others.

12. Listening to music

Nothing like listening to (soft) music to calm a child. We can ask him if he can recognize the instruments, repeat the words, …

13. Write a letter

As we told you in our article on ideas to preserve the social bond of children, it is possible to ask them to write letters to their friends and family so that everyone stays in touch and so that they can tell them about their day.

14. Play a building game

If you have building blocks, it is a very good idea to let your children build a city, a house, or even a supersonic car. This allows them to work on their fine motor skills, creativity, and patience.

15. Write a poem

Writing a poem for mom, dad, or grandparents allows children to share their feelings while looking for rhymes and beautiful words. Once the poem is finished, you can even create a card to write it inside and offer it to the person concerned.

16. Start a diary

Why not suggest that your child start a diary? It is a very good exercise for children who will be able to record their thoughts and what they have done during the day. On the other hand, for parents, do not touch! It’s top-secret!

17. Make an activity log

The concept is simple, take one photo a day and ask your child to write a short text to explain what he did during the day. He will, therefore, have an activity log on what he is doing.

18. Make a puzzle

Simple, but effective, the puzzle is an activity that always works with children. If you don’t have one at home, you can just print an image they like and cut it into several pieces so they can piece it together.

19. Sticker stickers workshop

Children love stickers, they could stick them everywhere! Why not offer them to do a sticker workshop by letting them use the stickers they want?

20. Make collage

Take magazines, newspapers, a pair of scissors, glue, and paper, and go! The goal here is to make montages. Take a person’s nose, another’s eyes, a third person’s mouth, and create a whole new person. This activity is very funny especially if you let your imagination run wild.

21. Write postcards

In the same style as writing letters, you can also write postcards to your grandparents for example, and have them posted by an adult when he goes out to do essential shopping.

22. Do a sensory workshop

The sensory workshop is a rewarding activity for children. Take out objects to touch with different textures, foods, and objects with strong odors, foods to taste and blindfold your children. They will have to touch, taste, and smell the objects in order to recognize them. You can also make sensory bottles for children of all ages.

23. Learn a poem or a rhyme

There are so many beautiful poems to recite, why not find one to learn about spring? It is also possible to learn new nursery rhymes adapted to the child’s age.

24. Sort books by size or color

Have your child sort and arrange all of his books by size or color. It will keep him busy while working his concentration.

25. Make a house of cards

Give a card game to your children with the aim of making the most beautiful and largest of the card houses! If there is more than one, it can even turn into a competition for the most beautiful house of cards.

26. Sunbathing

Because vitamin D is very important for you and your children, take the time to sunbathe. In the garden, on the balcony or even at the window.

27. Put away your toys

Often necessary after playing, it will also be necessary to allow time to put away the toys that the children have disturbed. Put away those magnetic tiles after completing the preferred design and put them in the box. This is a way to teach organizational skills to your children.

28. Rest

After doing so many activities, many children need time to rest in their bedroom or on the sofa.

FUN activities

Children also need to exercise and laugh, so we have listed activities that are perfect for them.

29. Dress up

Thanks to the costumes, your children can become cosmonauts, cowboys, superheroes, or even terrifying dragons. Don’t hesitate to let them use your old clothes if you don’t have disguises, they will love it!

30. Create a show

Whether it’s a dance, song, or magic show, let your kids plan a show they can show you at the end of the day. They can plan disguises, decorations, and others.

31. Sing

Take a brush as a microphone and play your children’s favorite music. How long will it take before he joins you to sing?

32. Take photos

Transform your children into little reporters and give them a camera so they can capture what they want or give them a list of objects to take pictures for more challenge.

33. Go to the garden

For those who can, the garden is a great way to allow children to run and exercise. They will be able to run, play, and above all take the air and the sun.

34. Do a fashion show

Thanks to their wardrobe, yours, and their costumes, ask your children to prepare a magnificent fashion show.

35. Make a hide and seek

A hide and seek between brother and sister will necessarily work but do you know that even if you have only one child it is possible to play it? Take several stuffed animals and go hide them in the house. All you have to do is ask your child to find them all! On the other hand, no need to ask the stuffed animals to find your child, we tried, it didn’t work!

36. Make your board game

Dominoes, dobbles, memorys, there are so many games that you can create yourself! In addition, once the game is created, they can spend time testing it!

37. A hunt for objects in the house

Give your children a list of objects to find (stuffed animals, keys, books, pens, …), if you have several children you can even turn this game into competition while waiting to see who will be the fastest to collect all Items.

38. Prepare a picnic

Let your children prepare a nice picnic that you can eat together in the garden, on the balcony or on the floor in the living room! It’s very funny to see what they can expect.

39. Playing at the supermarket, at school, …

Let your children become who they want by playing to imitate the job they want. Cashier in a supermarket, inventor, botanist, schoolmaster, there are so many possibilities!

40. Decorate a T-shirt

If you have old clear t-shirts, then you should try this activity. Give your children felt-tip pens (textiles to keep them from washing) and let them draw whatever they want on them. You can also do this with other clothes such as an apron.

41. Create a capsule to open in 1 year or 10 years …

Take a Tupperware and ask your child to write a letter that he will only open in 1 year or in 10 years …

Also ask him to put a few things he can find when he opens his box (drawings, images, …) You just have to keep this box and give it to him 1 or 10 years later. It is an incredible activity and requires a lot of patience.

42. Germinate lentils

A little cotton, lentils, and bim! You will have shoots in less than two! Did you know that it is possible to germinate a lot of seeds at home? You can also create and decorate your pots to personalize your experience. There are even special pots that just need to be colored.

43. Create a musical instrument

Make your own musical instruments that will allow you to have a real concert at the end of the day.

44. Color hunting

“Find something orange” “Find something blue” … This game is suitable for children of all ages and allows little ones to recognize colors.

45. Make an exquisite design

Also called an exquisite corpse, ask a child to make the top part of a drawing (for example the head), then fold the sheet and ask another to continue it (for example the body). It is by unfolding the sheet that you will see the drawing created and which will make you laugh without any doubt.

46. ​​Make a small BAC

Give a letter to your child and ask him to find objects, names, trades, colors, … that start with this letter. It’s a fun activity that kids love to do.

47. Recognize sounds with your eyes closed

Take objects that make noise or download sounds and ask your child to recognize the objects. This will work on his memory and his concentration.

48. Dance

Are you ready? Put on some music and dance, jump and sing, do it with your kids so you can all release the pressure of the day and get busy.

49. Make a cabin

Whether in the garden or in the living room, this activity will hit the bull’s eye. Take blankets, cushions to build a small corner removed from the world where they can do what they want.

50. Organize a TASTE between brothers AND sisters, DOLLS OR stuffed animals

Let your children organize a snack by setting everyone at the table with cute little cups and cupcakes. A great idea for a snack!

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