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3 Things Parents Should Know to Help Toddlers to Walk

a toddler is walking

From birth to three years of age, children quickly reached many important milestones in the second child developmental stage, laying the foundation for later growth and development. When they start learning to walk, children reach their first milestone, from babies to toddlers. Toddler time mainly refers to children between 12 and 36 months. And this time is an important time in children’s lives.

1. Offer Them Help-Walking Tools

Most toys can help toddlers walk. It is best to choose colorful toys that will attract children’s attention. Just like this Push Car, it seems that every child has one, which is a good tool to help children stand up. The colorful cartoon characters will catch the kids’ eyes and play with it, and then walk with it. Or find some toys that have functions other than walking. Like this Wooden Shape Sorter Pull Toy, the shell has five different shaped holes for children to practice shape sorting. It makes walking more fun.              toddler walkerstoddler walker

2. Give Them A Goal

From the eyes of a toddler, much of the world is outside of their control. Toddlers do not often get to decide where they go, what they eat, and who they interact with. So you need to create opportunities for them. If you know your child likes to get stuffed toys like rabbits, place them as far as your child can see, but not too far. It will inspire your child to walk, and it is also helpful to give them the opportunity to manipulate their environment.

3. Encourage Them to Try and Practice

When the kid takes his first steps, the parents start to worry. Parents should encourage them and help them try and try again. As they learn to walk, they are becoming more and more independent. Practice is key for Baby when he is at this stage. The more he is use to standing and being on his feet — the more likely he will feel comfortable to take those first few steps.

Parents do all things for having a healthy growing child. Doing these 3 things will help your toddler learn to walk. Catch the timing and move now!!

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