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25 super simple activities for toddlers

25 toddlers activities for toddlers
25 ideas for activities for toddlers

How to occupy a toddler less than 5 years old without worrying about it? For this time, I admit that I always found it easier to take care of my children when they were a little older, once they can hold a felt and especially that they listen a little more. Because then there are more activities for toddlers possible.

Between 9 months and 18/24 months, I prefer to observe them, leave them free to do what they want, that is to say, most of the time discover the world ? But it is still good to orient them a little, to give them materials such as toys or everyday objects. At 15 months old, my little girl likes to pencil (so much so that I check that my pens are all looking good, otherwise beware of books!), Playing with the closure of her stroller and “soaking” with water. And yours?
In any case, if you are looking for ideas, peck at these 25 ideas that will not require much (if at all) preparation! For more ideas, take a walk on the blog!

25 cool activity ideas for toddlers

  • sing in a bucket,
  • sing in a fan,
  • inflate a balloon and let it fly, then try to catch it,
  • roll on a slope or wrap yourself in a napkin like sushi,
  • make a sensory box,
  • clean the floor with his socks,
  • build a castle with blankets in the house, or with tablecloths
  • read for hours, outside,
  • stay outside all day to explore the garden,
  • paint with the toes,

and funny

  • play with food,
  • color on mirrors or windows with whiteboard felts (which can be erased dry),
  • play with shaving foam,
  • build towers with plastic boxes or cardboard boxes.
  • organize a picnic for cuddly toys for example,

for toddlers

  • organize a birthday party for the dolls,
  • collect cans for a food collection campaign,
  • make holes in the ground
  • add glitter to the soil,
  • play with adhesive tape to make sculptures,

and children under 5

  • wash the car with dad (or mom),
  • make bubbles in milk or apple juice,
  • make plasticine
  • makeup mom
  • or finally, make an obstacle course

I hope your little one will enjoy these little activities. For more info, I tested most of them with mine and in general, it was guaranteed success, especially for my last all activities a little “cracra”. The first two preferred ball games and blowing bubbles.

And you, what are your ideas for activities for toddlers to entertain a toddler?

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