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20 fun ideas activities for toddlers

Many parents do not know the meaning of the games and toys until they are trapped inside with bored little ones. But fear nothing! These activities for toddlers and these require little or no equipment and are guaranteed to make young children happy even on a rainy day.

Two children playing together cossykids magnetic tiles
Two children pic pose after crafting designs using cossykids magnetic tiles

Fun activities and games for toddlers

Puppet paper bag

Your toddler will have a lot of fun with a simple paper bag, turning it into a simple puppet so toddlers can get creative with and decorate it. Try it out here

Indoor basketball

It is a fun game for toddlers and it strengthens their eye/hand coordination. All you have to do is find a bin or bucket and a few bales (or crumpled newspaper) and try to get the bales into the bin or bucket.

Jumping lily pads

This easy activity turns your living room into a fun frog pond. Place cushions on the floor of your room and tell your child to jump like a frog from one to another.

A crown of prince or princess

This is an amazing activity for toddlers. Transform your toddler into a little prince or princess with everyday objects. Take some cardboard and aluminum foil and everything you can find useful in your creation. Cut a wreath from the cardboard and let your child decorate it.

Car Cardboard

Boy kid playing with the cardboard
If the box is big enough, you can even find your little one inside!

A small cardboard box is all you need to make a fabulous card for your favorite bear or doll. Take a cardboard box larger than the character and turn it into a car for your child! He will take advantage of this by pushing the box around the room pretending that it is a car and taking his favorite toy or stuffed animal for a walk

Hop Balloon

On another hand, all you need is one or two balloons, then let your child fly, throw it, hit it across the room without touching the ground. Fun and very good for hand/eye coordination.

Pillow jumping

Toddlers love to jump on pillows, so why not create a playground?

Treasure hunt

Entertain your child while you hide something (treasure) in the room to find. Your little one will love to search and search to find him!

Building Blocks

Purchase magnetic tiles at your choice and get your toddlers to make different building ideas at your choice. The catalog of what the child can build is found respectively linked on the following for book 1 and for book 2

Table tent

A single table tent can keep young children occupied for hours. Cover a table with a large blanket and make sure it reaches the floor and surrounds all sides of the table. This will create a tent feeling for children who can pretend to be sleeping under the stars, singing around a campfire or they can just hide there.

Some music

Stimulate the musical side of your toddler by taking out cooking utensils and pans.

Cotton swab paint

Take some paint and forget about the brushes, instead use cotton swabs to create a different type of artwork. Your little one will have great fun experimenting with this technique.

Phone ring

Toddlers love to talk on the phone, so with an old phone or a toy, they will be able to indulge in it!

The path

Take a roll of toilet paper and create a path/route for your child to follow. Attach a little surprise at the end of the route that your child will find!


Go on a safari in your living room and create a pair of binoculars with two rolls of toilet paper. It’s fun to do and your child can create a whole imaginary world to use them.

Collage of Colors

Put a table of pieces of paper of different colors, scissors, and glue then provide a white sheet to your child so that he can make the creation of colored paper! A good activity to stimulate the imagination.

Have you thought about the boxes

A few cushions and a few boxes can make a perfect home for playing. Find a nice place to put the boxes next to each other (and even above), this may be the basis for countless role plays!

Think of yourself as a cook

All you need are a few plastic bowls, wooden spoons, and pans to pretend to cook. Cook a treat to whet your child’s imaginary appetite.

A box of rainy days

An ideal occupation for rainy days is to create a rainy day box. Put lots of little things in it with which your child does not often play: little snowmen, empty egg box, cubes, small cardboard boxes … Encourage your child to use the contents of the box as a basis for imaginative and creative play.

Butterfly painting

Surprise your child by teaching him to make a beautiful butterfly! Place a blank piece of paper on the table and have your child apply paint in different colors on half the page. Fold the sheet on its half (painting inside). Press firmly with your hands and spread the trapped paint on the page. Open the page to reveal a brightly colored butterfly painting. This activity provides immediate success and is always rewarding. If there is too much paint the paper may tear so keep this in mind when applying paint to the sheet.

Box of treasure eggs

Finally, Place an empty box of eggs on a protected surface and let your child paint it with bright paints and/or glitter. Once dry, your child will have a personalized treasure box where he can place his treasures and trinkets.

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