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11 Signs that a child is a genius and his parents do not realize it

Scientists say having a high IQ is not always the only sign that a person is a genius. It is impossible to assess a child’s intellectual ability with a single test. However, there are obvious clues that show that your child will have a great future. He could become a famous painter, a brilliant businessman, or a world-famous politician. You just have to observe the talents that the child has and develop them.

Nice to know what future geniuses will look like.

1. Draw, write, visualize

kid boy doing drawing

A talented child collects information. In other words, he keeps everything he sees in his memory: after visiting a new place, can your child draw a complete portrait of everything he has seen? If so, we congratulate you, because he has exceptional abilities. Scientists call this phenomenon eidetic memory. This characteristic is only observed in 2 to 10% of children and in adults, the rate is much lower.

Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo used this type of memory. They managed to draw diagrams and diagrams that did not exist, which means that they transformed their thoughts into something visual.

2. They have their own World

Intelligent children are not always perfect behavior angels. They are often immersed in their own thoughts and do not “listen” to their parents. In addition, they make up lies and stories. Their imaginations astonish parents and teachers, and make them wonder: does the child lie? Not at all. This limitless imagination is a sign of great intelligence.

Often a talented child gets bored in class. That’s why he’s starting to have fun with more interesting things. The parents’ objective is to explain to the child the importance of school education.

3. They speak very quickly

Self confident kid

Quick speech can indicate extraordinary mental capacity. This is linked to the fact that these little talkers have a very wide vocabulary. Normal children start speaking in short sentences around the age of 2. Gifted children at this age can already invent complicated sentences.

On rare occasions, these children learn to speak late. Scientists believe that some people suffer from Einstein syndrome. We think that Albert Einstein, before the age of 7, just didn’t want to talk to people! There are other examples of geniuses who did not like to speak, such as the physicist Richard Feynman or the mathematician Julia Robinson.

4. They are not necessarily perfectionists

In general, gifted children choose only one area of specialization. But they can alternate their interests, like for example, love dinosaurs today and in a month, be passionate about planets. They can study their favorite subject for many hours, but leave out the subjects they are not interested in. If your child is a mathematician, he may not like studying French at all.

Another sign to take into account is bad writing. A child writes without applying because he has too many things in his head. In addition, he does not understand the rules that are imposed on him at school.

5. They are very expressive

expressive children are also genius kids
Portraying expressive kids

It is often considered that intelligent children are rather nerds who like to be isolated. However, there is also “social intelligence”. To be a genius, you don’t need to know 100 lines of mathematical formulas by heart and have them in your mind. Social geniuses know and love to build relationships with others. If your child can easily interest his friends in a new game and the concept of justice is not foreign to him, then he also has talent.

Scientists also emphasize emotional intelligence: the ability to direct one’s own emotions and those of others. From these children are born successful directors, politicians, and marketing managers.

6. They spend a lot of time with adults

kids who spend time with adults are likely to become genius

A future genius will not miss an opportunity to speak with adults. Normal children feel uncomfortable when confronted with adult society, but the little geniuses are completely relaxed with their elders and often get along well with older children. However, communication with peers of the same age is necessary, even for child prodigies. Psychologists warn that very intelligent children can sometimes feel very alone.

7. They are very active

Future geniuses are very active. They start walking and speaking before their peers. They often learn to read and write independently. Smart kids are often thought to hate sports, stay at home and read books, but that is completely untrue: scientists say gifted kids do nonsense and need to move. It is their method of studying the outside world.

8. They really like games that develop fine motor skills

This is especially important for parents who have two-year-old children. If a child is playing with small objects like putting beads in a string or trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together, then it is a child who is above average. Fine motor skills contribute to the good development of their intellect. Teachers say that children who are very passionate about small details, speak and write better. Remember that this kind of game with small objects must be supervised by an adult. Here is a list you can use if you want to check your child’s motor skills.

Genius kids also love to build, to make things with friends. We see a story of a kid playing magnetic tiles in his creative time.

9. They have a good sense of humor

Having a sense of humor is a great sign of intelligence. The ability to joke and understand other people’s jokes indicates highly developed abstract thinking. These children will have many friends. However, they are not immune from also having hidden problems. Pay attention to your child, because under constant jokes there can be a lot of hidden stress.

10. Two traits that characterize these children are impressionability and emotivity

Children who are easily impressionable and emotional have excellent creative abilities. However, their nervous system is affected by severe overloads. All because of the huge amount of information they have to handle. Doctors warn that even if a child can speak like an adult, that doesn’t make them a great person.

11. Future geniuses have suitable parents

Psychologists have long pondered the following question: in what environment should a child with special talents grow? According to scientists, the ideal parents for a future genius look like this:

They had a good education and succeeded economically.
A calm and not authoritarian father.
An intellectual mother, because children inherit the mental capacities of mothers.
And you, have you found signs that indicate that your son is a future genius? Tell us about your little one in the comments below.

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