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10 Rules of wise families who turn children into geniuses

Many mothers dream of their children becoming great geniuses. But despite the educational tips and advice that can be found, despite genius kids has some common characters, like telling based on which toy they use, or common signs they show, there is no exact instruction manual on how to get there.

1. Valuing and promoting independence

In conventional families, parents are convinced that children will be successful in life and become genius kids if they believe they can do anything. However, in wise families, parents know that it is more important for children to believe that they can succeed on their own. In these houses, it is not uncommon to see children just over a year old eating alone. This is because they are allowed to do what they want as soon as they are able to do it. Developing personal independence is a key to raising a genius kids

2. The beginning is difficult

The path to independence begins when children’s initiatives are valued and they are stimulated. In wise families, if the child begins to do something , no matter how old he is , his parents support him and are delighted to see him take the initiative.

If this does not go well, the oldest people remind the youngest: “all beginnings are difficult”.

3. Trust is the best reward

In wise families, parents reward their children with the trust they have in him. The trust is what will push the kids to grow genius

How to feed and encourage personal initiative? No, you’re not going to reward your child with candy every time they get something done.

4. Appearance does not count

Another important aspect is that the mothers of future geniuses don’t really care about physical appearance.

Keeping a child perfectly clean is a job that requires a lot of energy, both for the mother and for the child. However, according to “savvy” mothers, clean clothing has no use for the person’s development. In addition, children do not care about their external image! Therefore keeping children clean will not help in the journey to becoming a genius kid.

5. Accept the disorder

Seeing children often involve experiencing chaos. However, this did not concern any of the parents of the informed families; they know that with children, there is no perfect order, there is always something that falls, breaks, or gets dirty.

So in wise families, instead of becoming a storage freak, children are allowed to live in a pleasant atmosphere without too much pressure and they are gradually introduced to the benefits brought about by a minimum of order.

6. They need to drain their batteries

Some parents get tired just by watching rowdy children. In wise families, children can have fun and run like crazy all day long, without anyone shouting, “Don’t run, don’t touch, calm down!”

The parents of these children think that their little ones must expend their energy without limit during their childhood. When they reach adulthood, it’s easier for them to focus on life.

7. Reasonable freedom

In wise families, children are allowed to do many things in fact. Even a new drawing on a white wall provokes remarks such as: “Honey, look at our little ones artistic skills! “

However, there are still limits that should not be exceeded, linked for example to respect elders and security.

8. The father is the head, and the mother too

Respect for the elderly is instilled in the children of well-informed families from childhood. In these families, each child knows that father and mother must be respected and that they are the ones who have authority in the family.

Thus, these children never bomb their parents with shouts of the “do it!” Type. ” or ” I want this !”; first they try to get it themselves.

9. Children can also have self-control

In wise families, the habit of punishing children by taking something away does not exist. Instead, rules that promise a reward or benefit if the child does the right thing are valued. In this way, the child does not live between prohibitions and punishments but he learns to correct his behavior in his own interest.

A child quickly understands that if he pours his mother’s perfume on the neighbor’s dog again, his mother will have to buy a new perfume and will have less money to spend on his hobbies.

10. Nothing goes unnoticed

If modern psychologists advise not to praise children for each of their scribbles, wise parents are convinced that each of their successes should be highlighted.

Even if the child brings his mother a drawing with two or three lines, she will find something successful in it and above all, talk about it in front of the other family members and tell them how proud he is.

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